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Eliminate stress,boost productivity and sooth at work.

Relaxing chair

Million Hairs corporate chair massage services available for your corporate wellness program or as a great gift for employee appreciation event. Our mobile chair massage services are available on-site, at your office or event throughout Denbighshire area. The Therapist uses a combination of chair massage therapy techniques such as swedish masssge, trigger point therapy, myofascual release, and stretching. Massage therapy helps to reduce muscle tension in the body decreasing chronic pain and stress. Tightness in the muscles can contribute to headaches, sciatica, tendonitis and lower back pain.

The therapist will target areas that hold stress and tension due to sitting a desk at working.  The therapist will use variety of massage techniques using thumbs, elbow, forearm and hands. On-site massage has many benefits reducing stress, muscle fatigue, tight muscles, repetitive injuries.  Improves concentration, circulation, wellbeing and productivity.

Desk massage 

Focus on relieving stress in neck, shoulders forearms, wrist and hands.  Ideal for busy work environment where there is no breaks or space for equipment.


Relaxing soothing treatment.  The therapist will use her thumbs and fingers to apply pressures in different  areas on the feet and if a part of of the body corresponding to the reflex area is out of balance then some tenderness will be felt in the foot when pressure is applied.  A wide range of disorders can be helped such as migraines, digestive problems, sinus, circulatory problems, back pain and hormonal imbalaance

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