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Sports Massage Is for Everyone

Sports Massage is not just for sportspeople it can be for anyone whether you are a mother, office worker, health worker, postural problems sports massage will benefit you.

What is Sports Massage?

Massage Therapy is deeper and tends to be more intense using similar techniques to Swedish Massages such as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement combined with stretching, palpating, trigger pointing, cross friction, and compression.   These techniques help to reduce pain, scar tissue, promote healing, and improving recovery time.

The techniques used are used to warm up the muscles, reduce muscle tension, as well as increase blood circulation which helps to flush out toxins and waste that has been stored up within the muscles, increased fresh oxygenated blood and nutrient content within the muscles.  Therefore, can help with muscle repair and lead to a reduction in muscle tension and pain.



Increased flexibility

Increased circulation

Decreased muscle tension and spasms

Calms the nervous system

Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

Promotes sleep

Promotes the sense of well-being

Reduce pain and sore muscle

Reduces headache



Post-Lockdown Therapy


Your treatment starts with a warm oil scalp massage, followed by a microdermabrasion facial to sweep away dead skin cells and toxins.  Also reduces sun damage, wrinkles, plumps out your skin.  Your facial is finishing off with a collagen mask.  

  We then move on to full body massage with aromatherapy oils to balance your mood and boost your immune system, release tension, and iron out those tight knots, and drain the lymphatic system. 

 Then we go to work on your feet with a hot stone blissful reflexology treatment.  After your treatment, chill out with an herbal tea.

Total Treatment Time 2.5 hours Was £120, Offer price 80.00



Reward Yourself


 We start your treatment with a sugar scrub and hot towels followed by a back neck and shoulder massage, boosting your immune and circulatory system, softening tight muscles, and releasing stress.  Finishing off with a soothing mint foot massage.

Total Treatment Time 60 min Was £65 Now £40




This heavenly treatment


This heavenly treatment is ideal for cancer patients, pregnant.

 Unwinds and enjoy this special offer at Million Hairs.  Hero’s 90-minute treatment 60-minute Reflexology Treatment & a Mini Facial.

90-minute treatment for the price of 60min.  only £35.00

This hero treatment relieves stress and tension,  boosts energy levels, increases circulation, reduces headaches & stress, elimination of toxins and reduces the side effects caused by most common cancer treatments, promotes sleep and the feeling of wellbeing.

Reflexology is a massage treatment that involves applying different amounts of pressure using thumbs and fingers on the feet and sometimes hands.  When tenderness is felt this could be an indication that there is a body imbalance.



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